Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation (SBIDC) provides advocacy and services to help businesses in the Sunset Park, Red Hook and Gowanus neighborhoods grow and create employment opportunities for local residents.


Founded in 1978 by local businesses, SBIDC is a neighborhood-based economic development organization that works in the Brooklyn waterfront neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Red Hook and Gowanus. Since the organization’s inception in 1978, SBIDC has been a driving force in the improvement of the Southwest Brooklyn economy by delivering a wide range of business services to local firms and acting as an advocate for business interests. Additionally, SBIDC provides local residents with employment services and advocates for local improvements that improve the quality of life for residents.  Jobs in the industrial sector have fewer barriers to entry and are generally of high quality.  As wage disparity in New York City continues to grow, retaining and increasing quality working class jobs is key to diversifying and stabilizing the local economy.  Working class jobs, including manufacturing and other forms of industrial employment, help to stabilize the regional economy by providing a secure source of tax revenues and employment that is less susceptible to market fluctuations than other industry sectors.  Additionally, manufacturing has traditionally served as the first rung of opportunity on the social and income ladder for newly-arrived immigrants.

SBIDC is the go-to organization for businesses in Southwest Brooklyn who are looking to hire or need resources to grow. We host workshops, assist with storm preparedness planning and recovery, and advocate for business needs. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the areas we serve and we continue to help businesses recover while ensuring that they are prepared for future storm events.

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